At St Bernadetteā€™s, our intent is to provide an inspirational English curriculum for our children that allows them to develop into creative writers, fluent readers and confident communicators. We believe our carefully crafted text-driven, progressive and skills-based English curriculum will equip our children with the valuable knowledge needed to succeed.


We aspire for all pupils to think, write and read as if they were an author by the time they leave St Bernadetteā€™s, ensuring that all children leave our school with a love and passion for reading and writing. Reading is a key priority at St Bernadetteā€™s; with quality texts at the heart of the English curriculum, our carefully planned sequence of lessons ignite the childrenā€™s curiosity and thus, children are given rich opportunities to apply English skills in a fun, engaging and contextualised way.


At St Bernadetteā€™s, we pride ourselves on encouraging all of our pupils to become confident and articulate speakers through a variety of spoken language activities such as performance poetry, debates and our class assemblies that run throughout the year.


We have a shared vision for all pupils to succeed ā€“ irrespective of their starting points ā€“ by offering higher levels of support or extra challenge for those who need it so all pupils can access the learning during Reading, Writing and Phonics lessons. Our ambitious and progressive English curriculum follows the National Curriculum to support pupils with their journey into developing into proficient readers, writers, spellers and speakers, who can transfer their English skills seamlessly into other curriculum subjects.

Author Visit

On Tuesday 28th November, EYFS and KS1 welcomed the author Angie Chater into school. Children were treated to a reading and drama workshop where they were able to listen to read her story ā€˜Stanley Incredible Journeyā€™, discuss factors throughout the story and have a go at putting some actions to the story. anigieā€™s unique delivery and passion for writing stories was a real experience and made for a very entertaining morning for all.