Secret Storytellers

In Topaz Class we have Secret Storyteller sessions where a special visitor surprises the children by coming into class to read a story to them. Our children are always so excited to find out who the Secret Storyteller is, and they have a wonderful time listening to the stories.

We strive to foster a love of reading both in school and home and the aim of Secret Storyteller is to show children that adults love reading too. We invite parents, grandparents and other family members to come into our class to read a children’s story.

Please get in touch if you or a member of your family would be willing to be a Secret Storyteller.

Reading Pets

Favourite Books From Home

We have enjoyed sharing our favourite books from home with the class.

Super SixĀ 

Our ‘Super Six’ books for each half term can be found here. Books we will share, enjoy, read and re-read until we know them really well.

Poetry Basket

We learn to recite and act out poems throughout the year.

Story Rangers

Interactive sessions are designed to fully immerse children in the world of the story. Using drama, props, music, games, sensory play and (most importantly) our imaginations, they will meet dinosaurs, dive under the sea, hunt for bears and blast off to space among many other exciting quests. The great thing about Story Rangers is that each session a new story means a new adventure entirely! Children will also be given the chance to improve their confidence to begin to tell and act out their own stories. Any stories shared by the children will be scribed (written down for them) to take away as a precious keepsake of the childrenā€™s first tales.




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