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Mental Maths is a focus at St Bernadette’s and we want to work with parents to make sure our children are successful in learning all about numbers. Here are some ways you can help us to help your child.

If your child is in RECEPTION CLASS, please help us by working with your child in ordering and recognising numbers up to at least ten, saying what is 1 more and less, writing the numbers and lots of counting. If you see numbers in the environment, ask your child to see if he/she recognises them, talk about numbers to your child – it really helps us to set the foundations for good mental maths skills as we move through the school.

If your child is in YEAR 1 , help them to learn their number bonds to ten (6+4, 7+3, etc) They will be working on these across Year 1.

From the start of YEAR 2, or earlier if your child is ready, we have a times tables test every week. We use HUNDRED CLUB to test the children. The HUNDRED CLUB consists of 13 clubs across Year 2 -Year 6 – 21 multiply, 21 divide, 33 multiply, 33 divide, 37 multiply, 37 divide, 55 multiply, 55 divide, 100 multiply, 100 divide, Amethyst, Diamond then finally Platinum. Children are expected to practise these at home each week in preparation for weekly tests.

21 CLUB- 2 and 10 times tables
33 CLUB- 2,5,10 times tables
37 CLUB- Includes 4 and 6 times tables
55 CLUB- Includes 7 and 8 times tables
100 CLUB- all times tables
AMETHYST- Include factors, halves, quarters and measures
DIAMOND- Includes squares, prime numbers, square roots
PLATINUM- As DIAMOND, but more questions and a bit harder!

The clubs are below so that you can practise with your child. Feel free to print off at home. The children have 5 minutes to answer all the questions and try to beat their previous score each week.


It would really help your child to practise these times tables with you at home – anywhere – In the car, walking to school etc.

Many Thanks,
Mrs Keegan-Hobbs

21 Club Divide
21 Club Multiply
33 Club Divide
33 Club Multiply
37 Club Divide
37 Club Multiply
55 Club Divide
55 Club Multiply
100 Club Divide
100 Club Multiply
Amethyst Club
Diamond Club
Platinum Club