A Pupil’s Welcome Letter

St Bernadette’s is a small, highly successful Catholic Primary School with high demand for places.  We now have 100+ pupils on the school roll, including approximately one third Catholic and two thirds non-Catholic in most age-groups.

The school is organised into 4 classes:

  • Topaz Class (Reception)
  • Ruby Class (Years 1 and 2)
  • Emerald Class (Years 3 and 4)
  • Sapphire Class (Years 5 and 6)

We work in partnership with Cloud 9 Nursery, a privately-run setting which operates on-site at St Bernadette’s.

Currently, our pupils are taught by 6 teachers (full or part-time), including the Headteacher.  There are 6 teaching assistants (full or part-time) working across the age groups.  We know our children well and constantly review how groups and individuals are supported, so that each pupil makes the best possible progress.  The newest and youngest pupils (Topaz Class) are taught as a single age group so that they get off to a flying start.  Thus Reception-age children benefit from a beneficial pupil:teacher ratio.

Mixed-age classes work well within the school, due to careful planning by the teachers. Children thrive in a class atmosphere where their needs are very well understood by their teacher. They progress well and develop very good relationships throughout the school.

In 2013, two new classrooms were added to the school in order to accommodate increased numbers on roll.  The school entrance and hall access were changed in 2015, whilst the hall and school kitchen were re-modelled in 2016 to give much-needed extra space for Masses, PE, assemblies and performances.  To complete the building upgrade, the offices, staff room and small-group learning area were extended and re-furbished in 2017.  All these changes mean that children and adults now work in bright and roomy learning spaces that are fit for purpose.

The community aspect of the school is very important to us. Our older children are encouraged to look after the younger ones at lunch and playtimes, and this is beneficial to all. St Bernadette’s is a very happy school where friendships cut across age groups and continue into Secondary School.

Our Mission Statement

To try my best at all times, especially with things I find difficult.
To listen carefully, work hard and behave well.
To know my targets for improvement
To be proud of myself and my achievements and to value the achievements of others.
To be independent whenever I can and to share my learning with others.
To be thankful for the talents God has given me.

To take an active part in the prayer life of the school, in class prayers, assemblies and Masses.
To bring God and my achievements and disappointments and to include Him in all I do
To show love,care,respect and forgiveness to others
To look after others, especially those who need most help and tolerance. To be willing to work with all my classmates and include them in my play.
To play fairly at all times.

To help others when they are hurt or in need.
To look after school equipment and help to keep the school tidy
To think of others in my prayers and to ask God to bless them
To take an interest in the world and to try to help those who are less fortunate than me.