“The funniest part of the trip for me was when Lily was told by the shop keeper in Robin Hood’s Bay that her £10 note was fake (it wasn’t!).  Lily didn’t find it funny.” – Scartlet

“When Mrs KH had to come in the Dracula Experience with us; she had her fingers in her ears, was looking down at the floor and crying “Kids don’t leave me!” – George

“When we went to Eden Camp and a group went into the Blitz hut and told everybody else it was really scary, so they wouldn’t go in.” – Callum

“Eden Camp and the weird ghost lady were the best bits.” – Billy

“I loved the bowling.” – Jay

“I liked looking for fossils in Robin Hood’s Bay; the worst part was the small portions at team.” – Jack

“The funniest bit was when Miss KH and Miss Parker tried toxic waste.” – Luis

“An outstanding holiday and an outstanding amount of laughs.” – Georgia

“My favourite part was when we went to the arcade on the first night and Georgia won a fluffy keyring ball, it got stuck and the lady gave us a better one.” – Ellen

“On the last night Me, Oscar, Jack and Ellen were all in the sea and it was freezing cold – it was great just playing together.” – Joscelyn